ये ट्रैफिकमैन हैं भारत का ‘माइकल जैक्सन’ जो मूनवॉक कर करता है ट्रैफिक कं...

Traffic jawan Ranjit Singh in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, fixes his traffic from dance. They have great hand in controlling the traffic of Indore. Whenever the train stopped in the Red Light, people's eyes were first seen on Ranjit. Because they control traffic by making a Moonwalk

Ranjeet Singh said: "I am Michael Jackson's great fan. I have been tracking traffic by copying his Moonwalk for the past 12 years. "On the social media, Ranjeet Singh became so fond of that people followed him. He has had 50 thousand followers till now. Their videos are also viral. Ranjit Singh claims that many Indian universities are studying in their ways that how they actually control traffic from their dance
Ranjit Singh's biggest misery is that youth driving the Rush. He says - I have raised the dead body of 40 youth who have died in road accidents. I feel very bad. I want young people to be cautious and follow the rules.
Now he practices his colleagues with Moonwalk. When his colleagues saw that his trick is focusing on the people's attention and the traffic arrangement is right then those people also want to learn this Moonwalk from them. He says, "My parents are very proud of me. Because I do my work wholeheartedly and do it in a different style, including Michael Jackson's Moonwalk step. "