पति के सीने से दिल निकालकर इतने सालों तक पत्नी करती रही ऐसा काम, विशेषज्...

A shocking news comes from France that the archaeological department here has found the coffin of a French noble woman, after the opening, there is such a secret that it is difficult to make sure it is difficult. The archaeologist is also surprised by this incident. Tell you for information. This woman was married to a French warrior. This coffin belongs to the French great Louise de Quengo 1584-1656. It was recovered by the archaeologists during the excavation of cemeteries a few years ago in France. The coffin was placed in the Stone Tomb in the Convent Chapel in Western City of Rennes

In this case researchers say that Noblewomen may have added ties to the monastery after the death of her husband. The monastery also saw the identity of the woman buried in the graveyard by registering. Some of her personal belongings were kept in the woman's casket, but no one was sure when a rare thing got her husband, but that thing was not a minor thing.
This woman's husband, Tusent de Perín, was a knight, and she died seven years before the death of the woman. In France it is believed that the love is the beginning of life and that is the end, but the most awkward thing lying in the coffin that surprised the world is the heart of Perin, which was placed in a heart shaped box of metal. The archaeologist of the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research said to Colette, 'This search was very rare.' Collator was part of that team in front of which the 350-year-old coffin was opened
CT scan revealed that the heart kept in the casket was completely healthy because the coffin was sealed in the same way. The doctors were surprised and thought that when they found out that De Kwang's heart was missing. De Quangeo's heart was removed from the operation. Doctor Dyodite said, 'Louis and I remained surprised. After one, a new secret was coming out. ' Louise was buried again, but everyone was wondering who would have cleared his heart with so much cleansing? And at the same time, all hope is that the heart of this woman will also be kept in her husband's casket. This seems to be the case.