साँपों को पालने का था शोक उन्होंने ने ही पहुँचाया स्वर्ग दी इतनी दर्दनाक...

Tell me you had a man named Dan Brandon in Britain. He was very fond of snakes. For this reason, he had kept 10 poisonous snakes in his house. One of these was also a dragon. Brandon died in a mysterious way in August last year. Nobody could understand why Brandon's death was so over. According to the information, Dan, a resident of Hampshire in Britain, had an African Rock Python of 10 snakes. Brandon wanted it too much. Brandon named it Tiny

Brandon used to wrap Tiny all over and around his body. Everything was going well. But on August 25 last year, Brandon was found dead in his room. During the investigation, it was found that his death was due to a deep injury. But clearly it was not known what caused the death of the death. Brandon's mother told that the day she died she was at home. He heard loud voices from Brandon's room.
When he ran into his room, he saw that the son was pained on the ground. Gradually he died. Where Tiny was kept, it was not there. Mother told me that Tiny had stabbed Brandon and killed him. Often the death of people by the dragon attack continues. But this is the first case of the world in which dragon has known a person in this way. In truth it is very amazing.