पद्मावत में संजय लीला भंसाली ने की ये बड़ी गलतियां, आपने नोटिस किया क्या?...

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's film Padmav has been released.

Along with criticisms, the bridge of praise is being built. The grandeur of the set, the monarchy marks the eyes of the audience. Bhansali's film artwork is amazing. The film has become very beautiful, but despite such grandeur, creativity and glamor, there are many such mistakes that are noticed. You can easily catch it in the trailer and film. We are telling about 4 such mistakes of Padmavat.

This is a very popular scene in the film, where Khilji Mall seems to be fighting. This scene has become amazing in appearance. In the drone filmed, people are seen to see the power of Khaliji. People are cheering

But if you look at this scene clearly, then it is clear that the publicity is a hoax. In front of 2 lines people are standing. However, it could not be removed in editing and this mistake would come in handy.

There is another scene in the film. Allauddin Khilji is going from Shahi palanquin. He looks like the lotus flower is smelling. Actually he is fake. This is plastic flower. Seeing the flowers, the flower is very fake too.

If you have seen this scene carefully then it will come to understand that it is very funny. Indeed, so many people are trying to raise the same flag. Many people have not even caught the flag. These scenes look a bit upset.
If you have seen this scene in the film, you will find that as soon as the enemy forces collide with each other, riding on a horse from the two sides, the sound of the sword or metal is heard. Now it is not understandable that the sound of metal coming from the collision of horses is not known.