VIDEO:हैदराबाद में ट्रेन के सामने सेल्फी लेते युवक की हालत गंभीर, देखे व...

While taking selfie and video, a slight negligence proves to be fatal. There have been many such incidents so far, in which people have lost their lives in the pursuit of selfie. Now a fresh case has emerged in Hyderabad.

Here a man got injured in the grip of the train in the wake of the attempt to take shelf in front of the Hyderabad Metro. This whole incident took place in the mobile of the young man who is getting viral on the social media.
Let us know that a person in the video stands in front of the fast approaching Hyderabad Metro. He comes closer to the track in the affair of Selfie. In the meanwhile, his friends ask him to come back, but he is in the grip of the Metro as he moves towards the track.
It is being told that the youth has been badly injured in the accident. His condition is serious and the treatment is going on in a private hospital in Hyderabad.
It is noteworthy that in the same way, in 2017, two youths had come under the grip of Hyderabad metro to take shelter. A young man was killed in this accident, while the other youth was injured.