खो गया एक और बॉलीवुड का सितारा, छाया बॉलीवुड में मातम हुयी आँखें नम

Bollywood attached to the sad news is that famous guitarists gorakh Sharma died. Gorakh Sharma famous movie loan अाइकॉनिक music theme created this week. They pyarelal Sharma younger brother was. Year in 1980 Subhash Ghai directed and Rishi Kapoor Starr film debt came. This film आइकॉनिक theme music to famous guitarists gorakh Sharma was created. Sad news is that gorakh Sharma died. They famous composer pyarelal Sharma's brother was tell you that movie debt in addition, he Rishi Kapoor as well as many अन्या movies music theme created. Rishi Kapoor guitarists gorakh he died on Twitter through a tribute to the Rishi Kapoor tweeted-the rip your music thanks for gorakh Yes, you all will remember. Gorakh Sharma's brother pyarelal the Laxmikant together with the famous music director pair of Laxmikant pyarelal created. Bollywood and music industry famous for guitarists gorakh Sharma go big loss. Please tell that last year a the event during Rishi Kapoor debt theme music to make gorakh Sharma introdus made was.