कासगंज के बाद दिनदहाड़े गोलियों से दहला अमेठी एक की मौत 5 लोग घायल

Up to kasganj after Amethi two groups between each other in collision has. The collision in one died, then the five-injured. Reports, according to police party also been attacked. Amethi police say that it is two families between old rivalry case. According to police, Amethi jagdishpur station field inspection building in front of an unknown person has bomb thrown. Bmbaji after several rounds firing was the firing on the spot a person died and five injured. Present in the area of stress environment spread happened. Any offensive event control to huge number of police force of the deployment has been. Uttar Pradesh police information, given that the senior officer on the spot reached and in this case strict action instructed to have been. Kasganj in the सांप्रादायिक violence after Amethi occurred in the violent collision the security on the big question stands have. Kasganj in violence 22-year-old sandalwood Gupta name of the young man killed was the Akram name of a young man of an eye bursting was given. Kasganj still stress environment spread happened. There Karnataka-Karnataka police posted Amethi: jagdishpur S / O pocket Pandey the negligence due to the line spot, jagdishpur station field inspection building permeation unknown person bomb to attack, 1 of death, 3 injuries of the village