WWE के फाइटर कर्ट एंगल ने किया भारतीय तिरंगे का अपमान देख खौल उठेगा आपका...

Today, India is celebrating its 69th Republic Day, where happiness is celebrated in this festival in India and the Tricolor is being honored. The same tricolor of the WWE has once insulted you, and seeing that your blood will certainly arise.

First of all tell you about the wrestler who insulted the Indian tricolor, he is a wrestler, Kurt Angle. Kurt Engel is posted on the post of General Manager of Raw in the present time, even though he is running away from the ring, but at one point he was considered as the Kadawar Wrestler and was seen in many big storylines.
He used to descend as a wrestler in the ring but he also showed the pride of being an American in the ring in which there is no wrong thing but in this round he once insulted the Indian Tricolor.
As we told you that Kurt Angle was very much used to be American, and in this episode he was sent to the American flag and storyline of the Indian flag. Indeed, Tiger Ali of Indian origin had claimed that whatever fan he would clean his nose with the American flag, he would reward millions of dollars, in response to which Kurt Angle had come to the ring.
He defiled his nose with a flag of Indian flag, and after this incident, WWE became involved in critical criticism with Kurt Angle.