कासगंज हिंसा की आग की लपटे पहुँची लखनऊ फिर CMयोगी ने कर दिया ये कांड

Tricolor trip to remove the kasganj spread violence mindless name not taking. Kasganj violence fire control to make DGP headquarters of the IG DK Thakur with additional force sent. The district officers things to grasp, rebels of धरपकड़ and the stringent action to the direction holds the kasganj violence on government machinery the strength saddled with the so things control also be, but Yogi government Saharanpur from kasganj to the घटनाऐं now government system question create are. Minor dispute was erected organically Republic day on the sidelines kasganj the billeram at the gate tricolor trip to remove the spread of violence the other day was. Initial violence in kasganj police negligence of the result was a young man died awrh two young man in firing injured things to overcome for the 5 company Pac, 1 company RAF posted on Saturday violence killed in youth funeral returning from people who then organically made. Stores fire given. Circumstances uncontrollable are see if DGP headquarters has been activated. On the spot ADG Agra zone with IG Aligarh range immediately sent, as well as DGP headquarters IG DK Thakur with 5 company Pac, 1 company rapid action force has been sent.


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