एक डाकिये ने 34 सालों तक एक-एक पत्थर जोड़कर बनाया ये महल देखने वाले देखते...

There was a postman in France who built a palace seen in his dreams that millions of people go from all over the world today. He built this castle in his 34 years by adding stones.

Ferdinand was born in 1836. At the age of 13, the school was missed. Then got married and got postman's job. The life of a common man like a common man was his life. Yes, like every young man he used to dream too, but he could see a luxurious palace in his dream
But the situation was like that, in that sense this dream was just a dream. As the time has passed, the dream of dreaming in the burden of the family is closed. Get out of the house the same morning, go home and share the post, come home in the evening. Take salaries on the month and then wait for next month
The matter was 1879 when he was 43 years old. He was returning home after distributing an email, while on the way his foot hit a stone and he got stumped. When he saw, there was a small stone lying in a strange shape. If there was someone else, perhaps throwing that stone away from the road and throwing it aside, but not knowing what Ferdinand knew, he picked up that stone and brought it home.