कासगंज में नहीं सुधरे हालात,मस्जिद पर की तोडफ़ोड़ हालात और बिगड़ने के आसार

Kasganj the अमाँपुर area located in the virtuous site on Tuesday disruptive event in front of occurred. Information as soon as a large number of police force on the spot has touched. Receive information, according to miscreants a shrine to target making her Wall part of damaged have. Information on the Magistrate RP Singh force with arrived is. At the scene quite a number force posted. Before Monday night warehouse road shop located in the fire once again stress conditions create tried to were. Before the police violence in the case of action of njre gate area some taken into custody was. Here, Yogi strict position after up the director general of police ओ.पी Singh कासंगज in the communal violence of all districts senior police superintendents the communal harmony maintain instructions has released. Director general of police part of Monday night continue instructions stated that any communal stress after case guilty of अतिशीघ्र know by action to be. Not only that, between the two sides of the dispute both sides I dialog making solution to make. Chaotic elements intentions to time disable. For intelligence report, local intelligence unit and public also support the go. Instructions stated that such elements with navigation, etc. communal harmony and harmony on the opposite effect to them in respect of inhibitory action to be. Every sensitive site on CCTV surveillance in. He said, every case keep an eye on which the communal xenophobia conditions of may. Episode of the severity of the given senior officer write a spot on arrived. Guilty individuals against immediate action. Police chief of released by the instructions also stated that the places communal incidents are there chaotic elements on the link monitored to be. District level significant opportunities, such as religious festival, rally, beauty travel, etc. annual calendar keep and communal after the incident procession to remove the possibility of given enough security given.