BreakingNews: पद्मावत देखने गए केजरीवाल, करनी सेना वालों ने जमकर की धुनाई

You will be aware that everybody knows about the famous film critic of the country and amateur Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's films, but he did not even imagine that this craze would make him so heavy. They give a review of every movie, of course, how much less work is done

Now that you go ahead, it is actually that, after ignoring the protest by the Karani army from the Karani army across the country, Kejriwal went with his partner Manish Samosia to see the movie review in PVR, because now nothing to speak on the tweeter Neither, by the way, even when his own former minister Kapil Mishra has opened the pole, he lives very quietly, because his special friend with whom he is in Bihar Mr. Manu Laloo Prasad Yadav, who had taken pictures in the election, has been punished twice, but Kejriwal has not said anything.
Well, in front of the film, he had an idea of ​​the fact that when the Karani army was making an uproar, Kejriwal came to see the film changing the character. They put a wart on their cheeks. Manish Sisodia also wore the wig so that no one could recognize him.
But while checking the ticket, as soon as Kejriwal's mouth came out, "You guys are checking my tickets, first go check the degree of Modi ji." Kejriwal had said so much that the army personnel wondered if this banda Kejriwal is
Then what? They did not see any reason. Holding the collar, dragging Kejriwal and dragging him out of the theater. Many stems have roots. According to eyewitnesses, the effigy of these pistols was faster than the dash to Dr Dang. The Karini Sena volunteers beat Kejriwal by dragging.
After being thrashed, Kejriwal spoke to Manish Sisodia, dusting dust. Saw Samosia brother, my idea was not working A few beats were beaten but today's media coverage and the arrangements for Modi to get bogged down. After that, Kejriwal and Sisodiya smiled in torn clothes after leaving
 These videos have been created for the purpose of humorous humor, please do not understand this as true.