इस मॉडल ने पहनी फटी जींस, दिखा दिया सब कुछ देखने वालों के फटे रह गये मुँह

Every day there is some new trade on fashion. Which often people are also involved in their outfits. Some of them are so beautiful and seeing some people start thinking about which designer has designed it

Something similar to see in the Amazon Fashion Week Talking about fashion week, its preparation had already begun. It was found in many dessas which were quite unique. But there was a design that outwitted everyone in fashion
There was such a lot of things in the Amazon fashion week in Tokyo that attracted people very much but 'Thong Jeans' left behind everyone and took great headlines
The Japanese brand Thibaut has launched 'Thong Jeans' in Amazon Fashion Week. According to 'Daily Star Dot To Dot UK', this launch is part of the 2018 Spring / Summer Collection of the brand, which has been showcased at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo. These jeans became a topic of discussion among the people.