कासगंज में तिंरगा के दौरान मुस्लिमों द्वारा मारे गए युवक के अन्तिम संस्क...

The body of Chandan Abhishek's body was taken to safety on Saturday morning after the death of a youth who was shot by the bullet during the trip. Due to the pressure of administration and the police, the Ganga Ghat could not take kachla for the funeral procession.

The dead cremation took the body to the Black River. During this time the relatives raised the demand of their son to be martyred in front of MPs and MLAs. For some time the funeral was stopped. On this, MPs and MLAs gave information about it in the governance.
In the meantime, the people of the family performed the last rites on the assurances given by the government to help the victim's family. During this time, the police force was present in the presence of MP Rajvir Singh, MLA Devendra Rajput, ASP Partha Mohan Tripathi, CO City.