गुजरात के माहीसागर में खुदाई में मिला डायनासोर का अंडा लोगो में दहशत का ...

Dinosaurs, considered to be the world's largest organisms, have not seen anyone in reality until today. Which is said to have become extinct from the world millions of years ago.

In such a situation, the dinosaur's egg has been crushed during excavation in Mahisagar of Gujarat. The egg of the dinosaur found around 10 km from Mawada village. Although the egg is broken.
The meditative Balasinor Rioli of Mehsagar district is already known as the world's largest dinosaur hatchery. According to the Indian Express, the egg has been handed over to the local authorities. Now it has been sent to the Geological Survey Department of India.

After getting the information of the egg, the rayyoli fossil park's Ali Sultana Bera visited the site to take a new search store. Sultana Bera said that the egg was found during the excavation of the foundation of the house. The workers first saw it. Bamas also raised the information about the workers
Tell you that Sultana matters work together with GSI, State Tourism Department to protect the eggs of dinosaur eggs.