सड़क पर बिखरा था कुछ एेसा, महिलाओं सहित कई KM तक हर कोई लगा लूटने फिर पता...

People from different parts of the road in Savwad in Balwada are seen to be on the road for some distance. Anyone who stopped seeing this sight on the Indore-Jaisapur Highway, after some time, also saw the object lying on the road. These people, who spread across the street, said that silver has rained and they are beating it. After the movement of trucks in the ghat, people kept on the palm and kept on the road.

According to the information, on the Indore-Jaisapur Highway, on the road side from Chalal village, from Balwada Nastari Talab, on the roadside, the silver was scattered. The people who took these donations of silver glittering like pearls sat in the queue.
People believed that they are silver grains, so they are beating it. Seeing the people spread like this on the road, the people who passed by here also stopped the carts. After stopping, when they came to know about the scarcity of silver, they also ran on the road.
Women, children, big silver all appear. Due to this, long lines of vehicles were taken on either side of the road. Jitendra Patidar, who passed through this, told that he was going to Indore. Asked one such person to see such a scenario on the road, he said that the silver is scattered on the road, which people are beating.
Advocate Patidar looked at the donations and said that it is not silver. People said that if there was no silver then hundreds of people were not on the road. After the information reached the spot, the police tried to remove the people. On the streets of the silver gait, many times the road to the road became a jam.