इंटरनेट से सीखा बम बनाना, फिर रेडियो में भरा और भेज दिया मौत का पार्सल

Hemant alias Ashish Sahu, a former employee of his department, was removed in the case of a corruption of Rs 38 lakh in the plot to kill the city's main post office superintendent KK Dixit with a parcel bomb. Finding the way to make a bomb on the Internet, he did the whole planning. Explain here that on the first day only the blast was pointed to the involvement of the drone case in the post department and the hand of an employee of the department. On this basis, the police investigation went ahead and it was revealed. Mama, servant and son wounded

The police suspect the use of gelatin as an explosive.

It is noteworthy that on December 25, he was saved in Dixit's house, but his doctor, son Ritesh, relative Vijay Mishra and servant Dev Singh were injured. Ritesh's condition admitted in Bhopal has remained fragile.
Let me tell you that Ritesh's uncle Vijay Mishra was here. On reaching the first floor, Riteish asked servant Dev Singh to put the plug of this device in the electric board. As soon as he turned on the blast got blasted.
The whole area was damaged by the blast. The three were lying unconscious with blood. The fan of the room was also thrown down by the bang.
The window, the cupboards, and the scales were scattered. With the help of relatives and neighbors, the injured were taken to a nearby private hospital.