पंजाब के इस कुएं से निकल रहे हैं शहीदों के कंकाल, इकट्ठा कर ले जाई जा रह...

During the cleaning of Khaas (wells) of Punjab's famous Kaliya, there are many shocking things that have come out once again. In this historic well of Ajnala village, 30 km from Amritsar, 282 Indian soldiers were buried alive by the British nearly 157 years ago. These soldiers were moving towards Lahore to revolt against British rule in Lahore. Only a few days ago, Sikh devotees had digged the well known as 'Kalia Va Khaah' and took out residues. This well was later called 'Shaheedonwala Kuan'.

On Friday, January 26th, the Khaas Memorial Foundation committee of Kaliya was cleared here, so many archaeological things were seen here. After this, the people got the line here to see these things. Here are the things used for digging water, mats, hellfire, skulls etc.

In 1857 the soldiers had rebelled

Around 500 soldiers came out of Lahore to Delhi.
218 unarmed Indian soldiers were killed in the village of Dadia near Ajnala.
282 soldiers were buried alive in a well in Ajnala.