यहां किन्नर सुबह-सवेरे देती हैं गुलाब, इन्हें देख भाग खड़े होते हैं लोग

Till now you will have heard that they only work for someone's home and congratulations on marriage. But in Trikuti Panchkula, they are awakening the people who are in the open. In this work, Municipal Commissioner Rajesh Jogapal is alive to make Panchkula free of open defecation and making clean cleanliness. They have also linked the kidnappers with the campaign to reach this campaign to the masses.

Panchkula was made free of poisons, clean and tidy, Panchkula's place in Haryana topped the position. Municipal commissioner Rajesh Jogpal has taken the initiative to make his own campaign successful. Earlier, in the open, those who used to impose a penalty of 500 rupees in the open, tried to explain them. The same, now the kinars have begun the exercise of conveying the message to the masses. The commissioner came out in different parts of the city with his team early in the morning, where the kinars gave the rosary flower to the people who had defecated in the open and put a flag in their stool and after singing dancing, they explained that they would not go ahead in the open to open themselves. Nor let anyone go. So that the dreams of clean Panchkula and clean India can be realized.

At the same time, Municipal Commissioner Rajesh Jogpal says that the kinars have been linked to this campaign to make the Sanitation campaign successful, which in their own style warns people not to go out of the open.
Of course, this campaign's admiration is appreciated, but it is necessary to see how much lesson people take from it.