ओ तेरी !! यहां जिन्दा इंसान को दफ़नाने के बाद शराब पीकर नाचते हैं लोग

Have you ever heard of the custom of burying a person?

This tradition is a little amazement but let us know that these beliefs are famous in Cuba as the 'Buzzi Festival' in the world. In this practice, humans are buried alive. Let us know more about this practice ...
At this festival, any one person is locked in a casket and then rotated in the entire city and after that he is buried. Behind the coffin, the people of the family and other people are walking. What is shocking is that all these people are drunk and are laughing and laughing behind the coffin and playing taalis.

The special thing is that in this crowd a white-haired woman walks as the widow of that man. And that woman is given every work that is done by a widowed woman. This festival is being celebrated in Cuba for the past 30 years.

The name of this festival is 'Bureau of Pachancho'. The special thing is that at this festival, a living person is buried, but seeing the view here seems like someone is getting married.