फिल्मी कहानी जैसी घटना आयी सामने नागिन ने 12 घंटे में लिया नाग की मौत का...

We have seen the story of taking Nagin's revenge on killing snakes in movies. Suddenly, the serpent, in the fire of change, does not equal the extent of death until it grows. This was the story of the superhit film Nagin which was liked by the audience. Today, we are telling you such an incident, after knowing that you will never say that it is only in the movies because it is an incident in the reality of life.

An atmosphere of panic after the incident: In this incident, Nagin took revenge after the killing of Nag after 12 hours. The surprise incident happened in Mathura, knowing that your hair will be standing. Generally, a snake is seen in residential areas, then it goes away quietly without harming anyone, but the incident of Mathura is really heartwarming.

The incident took place in Kasba Raya of Mathura. In this incident, the sergeant drugged the young man who killed the snake within 12 hours. This young man died later. There is panic in the area after the incident. Now those people are looking for their lives in danger, who became witnesses to kill snake.

Snake was killed in the temple: according to the incident Hariom Chamunda Devi, who lived in Raya town, went to the temple to visit. There they saw a black snake The people present there tried to catch the snake, but all failed. After some time, Harriam killed the serpent with a pole.

After cutting, even after the incident: Hari Om was absorbed in normal life. After the Thursday incident, after the rain started on Friday, he went to lay the tarpaulin in the open part of the house. At the same time, the serpent broke into the hands of the Hari Om and dashed on his finger. After cutting the finger, he did not leave Hariom. He was wrapped in the hands of Harriam for a while and tried to bite him. On the loss of Hariom, people rushed to the nearby hospital, but they had died. After the death of Hari Om, people are in panic all over the area. Those who witnessed the incident of snake killers are now scared of the fear that such a thing would not happen even with them.

Friends, what would you say on this true incident of revenge for the serpent? Is it true that the picture of the snake killer is dragged into the eyes of the serpent? Make a comment.