मध्यप्रदेश मतदान केंद्र में दो दिग्गजों का हुआ आमना-सामना देखने को मिला ...

Polling has started for the Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh today, and a large number of Congress and BJP leaders who came to the polls in this polling area have come face to face. Congress MP Jyotiraditya Scindia, who was associated with the Scindia family and minister Maya Singh of the Madhya Pradesh government, met. It is being told that when Scindia was returning after casting her vote, then she found Maya Singh there.

Seeing Maya Singh, Scindia approached them and took her blessings from them, tell you that Maya Singh is called by her people as Mami but in the Maya Singh relationship, Scindia's grandmother seems to be in her relationship. At the same time, when the opposition accuses each other and does not like one eye, at the time, two Opposition leaders are found in this way.

Let me tell you that Maya Singh is a minister in the BJP government and this time, he has not given ticket to BJP, while Scindia has not contested the elections, while Scindia is the prime claimant to the chief minister on becoming a Congress government in the state this time.

Today, elections are being held in 230 seats in Madhya Pradesh, in which BJP has fielded candidates in all the seats, while Congress has fielded its candidate in this 229 seat. This time 12 political parties are in the fray and about 2899 candidates are trying their luck. Explain that the result of this election is to come to the conclusions of all the states on December 11.