3 फीट के इस एक्टर की बीवी की खूबसूरती देख हो जाओगे दीवाने देती है अच्छे-...

Dwarves are often joked. Because of their height, they have to be victims of people's comments and strange nerves everyday. Lack of heights for a dwarf man creates all the difficulties in his life.

But, today we are talking about a man who made his dwarf height his biggest strength. This person proved to be a little too small for all these things, making her a special place in Bollywood's shining world.

It may also be in our mind that it is very important to have good body and heights to get work done in Bollywood. It is believed that without any good body and heights, nobody will do any work in Bollywood. But, today we are talking about an actor who has bowed down the world of Bollywood with his fondness. Despite being a short stature, the actor worked in many TV serials and films. Actually, we are talking about Bollywood actor KK Goswami's, who smile on the faces of people who see them in movies.

It is worth mentioning that Bollywood KK Goswami's heights are only 3 feet, while the height of his wife is almost five feet about twice that of him. Bollywood KK Goswami told about his marriage that after the marriage was fixed, the girl refused. Actually, they had trouble with my Highway. But, my wife said that she wants to marry me only. His insistence was that today my marriage was due to him and the people of the house recognized him.

K.K. Goswami has faced many difficulties because of his short stature, he had said that the girl had said to her family at the time of marriage that she is dancing, then what will happen if I marry him. After hearing his answer, K.K. Goswami was afraid of marriage. Let us tell you that Goswami married in the temple only because of the fear of refusing the girl's marriage. Significant that K.K. Goswami is known for his strong comedy. Today he is a successful actor. K.K. Goswami is a resident of Papanapur in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar. But, now they mostly stay in Mumbai.