अयोध्या पहुंचे भीम आर्मी चीफ चंद्रशेखर रावण बोली ऐसी बात के गुस्साय भगवा...

Uttar Pradesh Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar reached Ayodhya on Monday. Here Chandrashekhar said that he had received news of the disappearance of minorities from Ayodhya, after which he has come here. During this he met the officials. Everything got fine. He is satisfied with the response of the administration.

Replying to media queries during this, Chandrasekhar said that his Bhima Army will not have any role in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Neither will he contest elections, nor will he create a different party. Chandrasekhar said that our work is to be aware of Bahujan Samaj. In a country like BJP, a strong alliance is needed to defeat the communal party.

He said that we support the Bahujan Samaj Party. Along with that, I will call upon the entire Dalit society to defeat the BJP by getting together. He said that the previous 2 April movement has got strengthened. Now we will try not to become a government which is conspiring to change the constitution.

On the politics of building Ram temple, Chandrasekhar said that this drama is going to hide the catastrophe. People flee to hide their failures and come to the refuge of Rama. This time, Ram will not save him too because Ram is everyone.