अभी अभी राम मन्दिर पर पीएम मोदी ने कही ऐसी सनसनी बात,अब मचेगा राजनीतिक ह...

अभी अभी राम मन्दिर पर पीएम मोदी ने कही ऐसी सनसनी बात,अब मचेगा राजनीतिक हंगामा....

On reaching Rajasthan, PM Modi started the Ram temple issue, on the other hand, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has stuck on the demand of a law to build a Ram temple instead of counting any kind of reason. Now the biggest trouble is going to stand for the Congress.

As it was, the same thing happened with the arrival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi till the election campaign of Rajasthan assembly elections. The Congress, who is dreaming to reach the peak of power with the help of soft Hindutva, is now set to face a blow blow. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has played such a wing, which will have an impact on the Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan assembly elections. Now its far-reaching results will be seen. The issue of building Ram temple was first paved in Ayodhya. After this, PM Narendra Modi introduced his Hindutva image. In a constitutional way, in the path of constructing the Ram temple, the Congress party has made it clear that PM Modi has no problem even with this issue.

PM Narendra Modi knows that polarization has been taking place in the name of religion in Rajasthan. The history of consecutive assembly elections says that in five years governments change. The issue of development has never been effective in Rajasthan. In such a situation, polarization can play an effective role in saving and dropping any government. PM Modi has given a statement on Ram temple issue at such a time, when Ayodhya was heated. Uttar Pradesh is becoming Ramayam. By joining this loot named Ram, Maharashtra has reached Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. At that time, the silence of PM Modi was like taking the BJP back on backfoot.

In order to win BJP in the electoral battle, PM Modi has given Ram's name Brahmastra. Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Congress were roaming around the temple - they were already attacked. Now, he has put the Congress in the dock by defying the construction of the Ram temple. Now the Congress leader will either talk about not making any obstacles by the party in the construction of the Ram temple or would say that we want to see it being resolved in a legal way. PM Modi and BJP leaders will not go back in the experiment against them in Rajasthan, whatever the reaction comes from the Congress. The crisis will stand before Rahul Gandhi. If they oppose the temple then the BJP will declare their Hindutva as election. Congress will directly suffer its loss in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has even said in the hints that impeachment against former chief justice of the Supreme Court Deepak Mishra was brought to impeachment to obstruct the construction of the Ram temple. He said that the Congress is scaring the judges of the Supreme Court on the Ram Temple issue by impeachment. PM Narendra Modi said in Alwar's election rally that Congress is playing dangerous games in the Supreme Court. The court wants to decide, but the Congress is showing them fear of impeachment. However, on this issue RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat has responded to the government itself. He said that the decision given by the court in late is like injustice. That's why the government has now made a law to build a Ram temple. By the way, let's say that this matter is not going to be confined to elections only.