ये लड़की खूबसूरत होने के लिए रोजाना कुत्ते का पेशाब पीती है फायदे जान चकर...

All of us know that girls are ready to go to any extent to get the beauty, but have you ever heard that someone who drinks urine to cleanse beauty, and the thing which is shocking is that even the dog has its own. You might have felt a little shock by reading this, but it is true that a girl living in the US drinks urine to beautify her beauty and that dog too. This girl, called Lynn, does not seem to be worried at all. She drinks urine of her pet dog every day.

The girl says that people always ask her the secret of its flashing skin, on which she told them that she drinks urine every day, thereby not having pimples on her face and always keeps the face on the face. Lean says that she takes the dog everyday to the park and collects her urine and drinks it without any hesitation. Lean says that she drinks a glass of her dog every day, and after doing so, she explains that the dog's urine contains vitamin A, vitamin E and calcium, which helps a lot in the treatment of cancer.

They say that drinking a dog's urine can save a lot from cancer. Lynn said that there was a lot of acne on her face. When he was drinking dog's urine for the first time, he seemed very strange. But gradually it got used gradually and its advantage was that its acne completely cured and there was a different outburst on the face.