प्रियंका ने प्री वेडिंग डिनर पार्टी में पहनी इतनी महंगी ड्रेस और सैंडल क...

After the marriage of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh in Bollywood, people are now waiting for the wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Hollywood singer Nick Jonas. So the preparations for their marriage are also going on very loud.Another news about the wedding of the bride and groom is getting to hear. Recently, these Love Bird appear to be pre-wedding after the wedding. During this dinner, Priyanka wore a dress of fine copper color and wearing sandals to match it.

But do you know the price of this dress and sandals of Priyanka? Neither let us tell you. According to a media report, Priyanka's top price is $ 274, while the skirt price is $ 403. According to Indian currency, the total cost of this dress is Rs 50,000. Yes you heard absolutely right. Now we take you to the price of their sandals. According to the report, the price of this sandal is 57, 517.

However, if there is talk of marriage, Priyanka Chopra's house has been decorated like a bride before marriage. So Nick has also come to India with his family.

Please tell that Priyanka and Nick are due to be married in Jodhpur on December 2. This marriage will be done at the Shahi Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur. According to sources, on 29th November there will be a ritual of Mehndi and music. After this, the cocktail party will be organized on November 30. Priyanka's turmeric ritual will be done on December 1 and then on 2nd December. After this, there will be a Gand Reception on December 4.