अंग्रेजों ने भारत देश से 200 सालो तक कितना सोना और रुपया लूटा जानकर हैरा...

Friends, all the world knows that India was once known as gold-bird. Today, India is very weak ahead of American economy. The British ruled India in more than 200 years. And Indians were greatly exploited. Even after so many years have passed, so far the economy of India has not improved properly.

You might be wondering how much the British had finally looted from India. The answer was given by economist Anujji, who said that the British had taken more than $ 50 trillion from India with them. He also told that in 1900-05 per person income in India was 196 rupees. And till 1945-46 this has grown to 201 rupees. Friends, the British had taken gold and silver precious things from India from the sea through a sea of ​​water.

After this there was a famine in India where people were starving.