1992 में अयोध्या में बाबरी मस्जिद ढहाने वाले बलबीर और योगेंद्र अब बन गए ...

Remembering this incident (Babri Masjid demolition) which took place on December 06, 1992, still continues to haunt the veins of Indians.

It took months, weeks and elsewhere to recover from the nationwide riots in the event and after the riots. Now that it has been twenty-five years old and the issue is in the court, the days in politics have been making its hash tags.

Balbir, who participated in the 'Babri Masjid demolition', today makes a mosque throughout the country, he has also decided to protect the mosques. In one conversation he said - 'I and Yogendra - both had promised to build Sri Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, but now by renewing 100 mosques, we have taken the promise of washing our sins.'

Balbir used to be a leader of Shiv Sena in the East. He was inspired by the RSS ideology and during his early days, he used to go regularly in the 'branch' of Panipat. Today he is known as Muhammad Aamir, while his associate Yogendra Pal's name is now Muhammad Umarah.

Recollecting on December 06, 1992, Balbir said - 'We feared that the army would be used to stop us but there was no more or effective security on the ground and this same thing inspired us and we were mentally prepared That today (Babri Masjid) will be demolished. '

Panipat's Balbir said that he was one of the first karsevaks to reach Ayodhya on December 01 and the first person to climb the middle dome on December 06 was the same.

He used 'Kudal and Gaeti' to demolish the dome with many other car-servants of Sonepat and Panipat and after completion of the work, when he reached his home town of Panipat in Haryana, he was given a 'Veer' Kindly got respect.

Balbir further said that 'But when I went home my family's response was shocking to me. My family is secular and he condemned me. I had participated in the car service because of my feelings, but later I realized it was wrong. '

Balbir Singh said that he knew that he had taken the law into his own hands and violated the Constitution of India. In the guilt, he embraced Islam soon.

Today, Aamir (formerly Balbir) has married a Muslim woman and runs a school to spread the teachings of Islam. He has made up 90 mosques with his collaborator Yogendra Pal.

Balbir said that he is ready for the test and even ready to face the punishment of the CBI or the concerned authority.

And finally he said - 'I pray that both Hindus and Muslims should come together and build a mosque'.