इस खूबसूरत पाकिस्‍तानी पुलिस अधिकारी से इश्‍क कर बैठा चीन मिल शादी के लि...

The picture of a Pakistani girl on China's social media is becoming viral. Everyone has become the fan of this Pakistani girl. Their name is - Suhai Aziz Talpur, whom China is passionate about. On this social media, this Pakistani officer is getting so many proposals for marriage, counting the counting age should be fulfilled. People sending a marriage proposal to Suhai in China believe that if a brave Pakistani officer comes to marry his country, then the relationship between the two countries will be stronger. However, many social media users of China are also saying that such brave and beautiful female officers are not safe in Pakistan, so they should be called China without delay.

What is the whole case

The terrorist attack on Pakistan's Karachi consulate on November 23 was attacked. Separate organization Baloch Liberation Army attacked the Chinese Embassy on Friday, there were 21 employees, including six Chinese citizens. In the lead of Suhayi, the Anti-Terrorist Squad foiled all three attempts by foiling all their attempts to enter the embassy. The brave stories of Suhayi are now in China. He has become a super star in China.

Comparison of the beauty of Suhayi from China's famous actress

Suhaye Aziz Talpur joined the police force after passing the Civil Services Examination of Pakistan in 2013. His father, father, went against the wishes of the family and taught him in the public school. Oil Suhai did not disappoint the father in studies and passed the exam in the first time. With the bravery of Suhai, discussions of her beauty are also happening everywhere in China. They are compared to Chinese famous actress Guan Jieutong.

Suhayi's name sent for Kayda Azam Police Medal

The pictures of Suhaye Aziz Talpur on social media are becoming the most viral, the most of which is the picture, in which the revolver is handled and the commandos are running behind them. IG Kaleem Imam of Sindh province of Pakistan has sent Suhaye for the Qade-Azam Police Medal. Suhayi is the first woman police officer, whose names have been sent for this award.