नीता अंबानी ने दिया रोहित को 20 करोड़ का ऑफर पर रोहित ने किया इंकार वजह ...

Friends 2019 IPL preparations have begun. IPL has become India's most favorite league. All cricket lovers in India do not forget to watch IPL matches. In such a situation, Rohit Sharma did the work that hardly any player can do.

In the previous edition of IPL, Rohit Sharma, Mumbai Indians' owner, Neeta Ambani, gave a reply of Rs 15 crore. Virat Kohli got the amount of Rs. 17 crores for the same. Rohit Sharma is a captain who has won the title of IPL 3 times for Mumbai Indians. Talking about the same RCB captain Virat Kohli, he has failed to win a single IPL so far. Despite this, he has been retaken once again for Rs. 17 crore.

If the matter was done by Rohit Sharma, according to a report, Nita Ambani had given Rohit Rs 20 crores, but Rohit, refusing to take this amount again like the previous year, said: If I take so much money then the team There will be a problem in buying other players, I do not want to.