सुबह बिस्तर से उठकर पानी पीने वाले लोग तुरंत जान ले इन बातों को नहीं तो ...

Water is very essential element for us. We can take several days without eating food but it is very difficult to remove one day without water. It comes in such a way that people who drink water in the morning! There are many people who wake up in the morning and eat stale mouth water but they do not know what happens by doing this? Whenever they talk about this fact, they will say that sahib is good for stomach but how it works and how it works for the stomach, they do not have a clear answer. Come, those who drink water in the morning and those who do not drink, they tell people who do not drink, especially what happens, after getting up in the morning, drinking stale mouth water.

In the morning, you should drink stale mouth water, because at that time the saliva formed in our mouth acts as an antibiotic and it is very essential to know in our stomach. In such a way, he visits our body and prepares antibodies for us.

By drinking stale mouth water, our digestive system strengthens and protects us from many diseases of the stomach. Not only that, if there is a complaint of insects in the stomach, that too ends.

Due to drinking stale mouth water, our cells get oxygen, which keeps freshness and moisture in the skin, along with the cells being active, and not only is it good for hair too.