ये टीचर बच्चों के सामने सारे कपड़े उतारकर उन्हें पढ़ाती है वजह हैरान करने...

A biology teacher living in the Netherlands has been discussing a lot of these days. The reason for this teacher's discussion is the way to teach them. In fact, this teacher has drawn a unique way of raising the interest of children in their class which has now become the subject of discussion. The name of this teacher is Dreby Hercules, a biology teacher at Ziro Hart Regnavid School.

The special thing of this teacher is that he teaches biology in his class by changing clothes to the children in front of his class. Yes ... you are not surprised by hearing it but it is true. But when you learn the reason behind it, you probably will not be able to live without praising this teacher. Actually these teachers stand on their tables to teach and explain the children well and then they change their clothes.

Tell them these teachers are wearing a dress inside their clothes that contain the body structure and bone images printed. Yes ... and in this way this lady teacher is wearing a lot of clothes, which she lays down on the subject. The lady teacher said, 'By increasing this way, children are quick to understand.' Let us tell you every time this lady teacher keeps looking for new artistic ideas to teach children.