17 घंटो से लगातार हंस रहा था बच्चा सच्चाई आयी सामने तो उड़ गये सबके होश

It is said that laughing is beneficial for health, always laughing people, there are many people who start to laugh at any point. There are many people who always laugh, people call them crazy. Today we are going to tell a case that your laughter will disappear, because the one-year-old laughing visit was such that even the parents were stunned.

According to information from the sources, this case is from Somerset in England, where the debilitator has emerged. Let the two-year-old boy laugh for 17 hours continuously, seeing that the parents were scared and later went to the doctor about the child. When the child was examined, then a case was found that under the parents' feet The ground slipped

Because the girl's skin was scanned and it appears that the baby has been suffering from brain tumor tumor due to which there is a stir in the mind of the child, so the baby is laughing for 17 hours. The condition of the child was becoming serious if the child's tumor was not removed. Then the child may die.

Immediately, the doctor has taken out the brain tumor by operating. In this regard, the doctor says that such a case can be seen very little, in such a case anyone can know. The condition of the child has now been told to be stable.