रणवीर को शादी के कुछ दिन बाद ही पता चली ये सच्चाई के कैसी लड़की हैं दीपिका

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone on November 14-15, in Italy, in Lake Como, there has always been a second. Both married Konkani and Sindhi Ritishi Raijas.

While Deepika Bala looked beautiful during marriage, Ranveer too did not look too handsome. After marriage both of them came to India on 18 November, where they were welcomed by the fans at the airport.

After reaching Mumbai, both of them first went to Ranveer's house where Deepika's house entered, after which the new couple went to Deepika's house. After the marriage, both recently gave a Reception Party in Bangalore.

Famous people attended this party. The news is that both of them will be given twice and the Reception Party. After 11 days of marriage, Ranveer Singh has given such a statement, which will surprise you too.

In the dress designed by Sabyasachi, Deepika should be enchanted by watching Ranveer and she told Deepika the world's most beautiful girl.

Ranvir saw the dress of Deepika and compared them to Frida Kahlo. Let you know that Freida was the most famous artist in Mexico who is known for making beautiful pictures.