अगर रात को पेशाब करने के लिए उठते हैं तो एक बार जरुर देख लीजिये ये विडिओ...

Drinking water is very beneficial for the person's body, they all will know. But as drinking water is beneficial for the body of a person, it is very beneficial for every person's body. The person should drink water every day according to his body, because drinking the person's body remains healthy and because of this, the poisonous poster in the person's body exits through urine.

Pisses out of the venomous post of the person's body, due to which the person's body remains healthy. But we must always remember that urinating is not only benefits but also loss. Due to which a lot of problems arise for the person. It is harmful for us to wake up at night to urinate. Let's know how it affects the urine at night.

Many people get used to sleeping in the night and urinating in the night. Because of which, the person gets up in sleep and goes immediately to urination which is very harmful to the body. When a person is asleep, then the flow of blood in his body rests on the mind. Because the way the person's body rests while sleeping, the person's mind also relaxes while sleeping. But when a person gets up from sleep and goes to urinate, then the flow of blood in the body goes towards the brain, due to which the likelihood of many diseases associated with the brain increases.

Never should a person get up from sleep in order to urinate, but after getting up from sleep, sit for at least 2-3 minutes and then only go to urinate, doing this will help your mind There will be no problem.