इन पौधो के इस्तेमाल से जड़ से खत्म हो जायेगी डायबिटीज अपने गार्डन में इन्...

Today, we will talk about the plants that benefit from diabetes, due to the changing lifestyle and eating disorders, every other woman is disturbed by diabetes today and such women have to take special care of their diet, because of the wrong diet, It can also increase. And if you go out of the sugar control it can be dangerous for you and you may need to take insulin to control the sugar but do not be disturbed because you can easily control the problem of diabetes by adding some things to your diet. May be. Yes, today we are telling you about some of the plants that you can easily control this problem by planting in the kitchen garden, if not believing, then let us also know about these plants with you.

green coriander

Along with increasing taste and smell in our food, green coriander is very helpful in eradicating fatigue. Vitamin A is rich in coriander because it helps control diabetes. Additionally, the amount of insulin in the bland remains in control. If you are also a patient of diabetes and many are still not able to control your sugar level after saving, then this coriander will greatly benefit you. You can include it in your diet.

Curry leaf

Friends, you must have seen that Curry Leaf is the life of South Indian eating. Without it, South Indian food is incomplete. Yes curry leaves are used not only to increase flavor, but also to treat countless diseases. Curry leaf works for diabetic patients. To keep diabetes in control you do not have to do anything, just eat 5-6 curry leaves everyday.

Basil leaves and leaves

Tulsi is considered as sacramental in our Hindu religion and you will find it in almost every courtyard. But do you know that this auspicious plant is also beneficial in terms of your health. By eating 5-7 leaves of Tulsi daily, the level of the bloomed sugar is correct. At the same time, it also protects you from cold and cold and the antioxidants present in it strengthen your immunity. The small diseases that do not touch you.

Evergreen flowers and leaves

Friends, Eating fresh, fresh 5 leaves of mangoes in the morning brings great benefits to diabetes. Yes, sucking 4-5 soft leaves of evergreen and sucking juice gives diabetes relief. Wash the four leaves of the evergreen plant thoroughly and chew the empty stomach in the morning and drink two sips of water. It keeps the diabetes in control. This experiment should be done for a minimum of three months.

Fenugreek seeds

By the way, its taste is slightly bitter, but knowing the advantages of this will remove all bitterness. Green fenugreek diabetes is a boon for patients. Diabetes can also be controlled by its consumption. It balances the amount of sugar in our blog so that its use is beneficial in diseases like high BP, diabetes, and dyspepsia. Drinking daily juice of fenugreek seeds regularly is beneficial in diabetes.

Neem and Giloy

There is a panacea for Giloy and Neem Sugar. Neem and Gilo do the granules, do not remove the water that comes in the mouth while taking the tooth, but take the gutta inside. Let it be your routine. This also keeps sugar levels in control. Or chewing neem's pink soft kapale every day, juice juice is very beneficial in diabetic disease i.e. neem and giloy also keep diabetes in control and you can easily put it in your kitchen garden, so what's the point of living in these plants Find and find greenery as well as health.