मुस्लिम SDM लड़की ने की इस हिन्दू प्रोफेसर लड़के के साथ शादी ये सब देखकर म...

Hello friends, It is said that love is blind. Love does not see the boundaries of a country, the religion sees only the heart and the heart. Such a love affair and after that the matter of marriage has emerged. In which a Muslim SDM has married a Hindu professor. Let's know what is the whole matter.

The case is from Uttar Pradesh, where the SDM Anjum Khan, the administrative officer of Uttar Pradesh, had had a love for his classmate Pankaj Singh. Now both of them have married in court and have entered into a romantic life. Both used to read together, since then the love between the two had started. For information, let me tell you that Anjum is an administrative officer in Uttar Pradesh while Pankaj Singh is a professor in Lucknow. For quite a while both were in contact.

According to Anjum Khan, he is basically a resident of Pilibhit. While studying, he got contact with Pankaj Singh, which he liked very well, when the relationship of both of them turned into love, and when they both got auspicious marriage, they did not know.