यह था दानवीर कर्ण के जीवन का सबसे बड़ा पाप जिसके कारण हुई महाभारत में उस...

The one who cooperates with wrongdoing, has to bear the sin of an unrighteous person, and who does not resist the unrighteousness and quietly keeps looking at him, he becomes half the participant of the lawlessness. For this reason not only to do wrong, but to see the sinless living silently is also a great sin.

Karna not only saw the wrong done by Duryodhana but also supported him. That is why they too were equal partners in that sin. When the governor dragged the hair of Draupadi and dragged him in the gathering, in the meeting, then only the diagonal had opposed it in the whole meeting.

Diagonal said that Draupadi has been won by unrighteousness. When Yudhishthira had lost himself, he had no right to keep Draupadi at stake. Draupadi is a living woman, not an object that can be put at stake.

At that time, Karna protested against the dialectical arguments of Diagonal and said that diagonal you are a child now. In this meeting, Mahatmas of Dhritarashtra, Drona, Vidur and Bhishma are sitting, who know religion more than you. When they are not opposed to it, then who are you? By saying this, Karna insulted Draupadi in a crowded assembly and along with Duryodhana, himself became a partner of sin. Karna was a very big donator, but his sin consumed his great saints. This caused the death of Karna