वैज्ञानिको ने बनाया नया यन्त्र अब लड़कियाँ भी कर सकेंगी लड़कों की तरह खड़े ...

Now nothing in this period of technology is impossible. So far you must have seen men standing alone and urinating, but we can tell you that this problem of women has now been removed. Yes ... Some students have developed a device in which the ladies can stand up and make urine. The name of this device is Sanitation for Women (sanFe). Let me tell you this special thing in this device is that it is also manual friendly. Yes ... students are saying this about this because it is because the ladies wearing sari do not get too troubled.

This device is especially relieved for pregnant ladies because they are more at risk of infection. This can be used in the public washroom anywhere in Metro station, airport, office, college, restaurant, cinema hall. Let us tell you some special features of this device.

- This device is leakproof, waterproof and biodigradeable. Seven, it can be thrown after use. The price of this is only 10 rupees. It is available online.

- Like the Gentts through this device, the ladies can stand up and make urine.

- With the help of this device, women will not have to use the seat of dirty public toilet.

- Doctors claim that through this device there will definitely be a decrease in the disease.

- This device can be helpful for those women who have a bending problem.

- This device can be a boon for pregnant and old ladies.