इस बड़े मुद्दे पर भारत का साथ देकर चीन ने पाकिस्तान को दिया अब तक का सबस...

Recently, Pakistan, which has consistently weakened on the global platform, has also given its allies China a major setback. Significantly, there is always debate between Pakistan and Pakistan between India and Pakistan. And China has always been accountable to Pakistan on the issue of POK. But recently released from China, the POK was described as part of India.

Actually China's official news channel CGTN was broadcasting a news last Friday. In which information was given to people about the terrorist attack on China's consulate in Pakistan. It is noteworthy that in the meantime, the border with India, Pakistan and China was shown on the CGTN map. In which Pak-occupied Kashmir i.e. pok was shown in the part of India.

Although the probability of this is extremely low, this official news channel of China will show such news after going against the country's power. But this has not yet been confirmed as whether China is actually supporting the fact that the PoK is a part of India. But recently, this map released by China has begun the round of discussion once again in Pakistan. After the terrorist attack on the Chinese Embassy, ​​there is no crack in the friendship of China and Pakistan.

But if China leaves with it in this difficult time for Pakistan, then it will be like one of the biggest shocks for Pakistan. Because Pakistan has already been isolated on the global stage. However, what is your opinion about China's share of POK as part of India? And you consider the POK as a part of it. Let us know in the comment box.