तेज प्रताप यादव की तलाक अर्जी पर अब तक चुप्‍पी साधे बैठी एश्‍वर्या अब पह...

तेज प्रताप यादव की तलाक अर्जी पर अब तक चुप्‍पी साधे बैठी एश्‍वर्या अब पहली बार खोलेंगी मुँह

Countdown to the hearing on the divorce petition of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) Supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav's son, Pratap Yadav, is on. There is no 24 hour time left in the trial. Meanwhile, Pratap's brother, Rakshi, has opened his mouth in this case. Meanwhile, Sharad Pratap's wife Aishwarya and her parents have kept silent completely. Now, Aishwarya will keep her case in court on Thursday.

This is the case

It is known that Sharad Pratap Yadav has filed a divorce case in Patna's Family Court, seeking relief from his wife Aishwarya. Angered by not getting support from the family in this case, they have left for pilgrimage. According to the information so far, they were sacrificing sacrifices for the prosperity of the family in Mathura-Vrindavan.

Meanwhile, all the relatives including father Lalu Prasad Yadav and mother Rabri Devi are busy convincing them. It is said that the controversy over the intense divorce of Pratap has affected the health of his ailing father Lalu Yadav. They have also gone in the depression.

Speculation about assembly session and hearing of divorce

It is believed that he will be staying in Patna on the 29th day of the hearing of the divorce case. In addition to the divorce lawsuit, these days, the winter session of the Bihar Assembly is expected to be very strong. They are also RJD legislators. The speculation of attending the assembly session still remains.

Taking this to a divorce case,

In the case of Divya Pratap's divorce, Leader of Opposition Taksav Yadav and mother Rabri Devi talked to the media in her brother and Bihar assembly. He has said that both Praveap and Aishwarya are adults. The whole episode is very personal. This is a family issue, which will be settled only in the family.

Aishwarya's father did not attend RJD Legislature Party meeting

Meanwhile, Aishwarya's father and RJD legislator Chandrika Rai are joining the Vidhan Sabha session, but on the first day of the session, RJD did not attend the Legislature Party meeting. It is believed that the disillusionment with his Lalu family is being dissolved. But party spokesman Bhai Virendra said that this is not an issue. He said that Chandrika Roy is in the assembly with the issues related to the party.

Chandrika Rai gave silent silence, distance made from media

Chandrika Rai and his wife Purnima Rai have kept the distance from the media. Aishwarya Rai or her parents or other relatives have not kept their side in front. Now Thursday is the first hearing in the divorce case, so before that, they have no hope of speaking anything.

Aishwarya will answer for the first time in court.

It is being told that Aishwarya Rai will now answer her husband's charges only during the hearing of a divorce case on Thursday. His father, Chandrika Rai, has copied copies of the petition for divorce from Pratap.