23 साल के लड़के ने की 91 साल की बूढ़ी औरत से शादी हनीमून मनाते समय तोड़ा दम

There is a case from Argentina that has proven that there is no age to make love. Here the 23-year-old boys and the 91-year-old woman got married. However, after the marriage, something like that happened on honeymoon and you will be surprised. The woman died when the honeymoon was physical.

According to the news, the boy's financial condition was very bad, due to which he had many problems in studies. In the boy's house there is a brother with his mother, along with that elderly woman also lived with him.

The woman said giving boy a strange and poor offer that if she gets married to him, then she will be able to spend all of her studies. The woman said that after her death her pension boy will get it, because she will have become her husband.

After listening to these pleas of the woman, the boy immediately agreed and he got married to an elderly woman. After marriage both went to the honeymoon. During this time, when the boy went to the physical with the woman, the woman died on the bed.