कसौटी ज़िन्दगी 2 की प्रेरणा के फैन्स के लिए आयी बहुत बुरी खबर हुआ बड़ा ह...

Recently TV actress Erica Fernandes has made a big comeback on TV from Ekta Kapoor's show "Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2" but now a bad news has come for Erica's fans, and the news is that recently the "criterion" Erica fell unconscious while shooting If the media reports were to be believed, then click for "criterion" with Erica Parth, Nick was shooting at John Studios.

And as soon as his scene was about to begin. He fell unconscious on the set itself. Although Erica had sensed shortly afterwards, it was right for a while, but after this incident, the set's atmosphere changed completely. According to the report, Erica rested in her vanity for a while and then later she returned to the set to shoot back her scene, the incident happened yesterday.

It is being said that because of the tight shooting schedule, the actress has been continuously staying on the set for several hours, whose effect has now also started to affect her health. Let me tell you that when an attempt was made to talk to Erica about this matter, there was no response from the side but a source on the set of the show has told that before shooting starts, Feeling unbelievable. She wanted to finish her work as soon as possible and go home.

Because of the Broadcast Issue, he could not take leave. Whilst his health also did not accompany him and then he fell down on the set. Well, let me tell you that recently, Erica Fernandes came in the headlines once again. When he bought a new home for himself and he gave information about this through his own social media.