अक्षय कुमार की सौगंध फिल्म की ये अभिनेत्री अब हो गई है ऐसी जवानी में टुट...

There will be no known time in Bollywood or real life when who actors and actresses become unhappy in their life. Making money is not everything. Today, we are talking about an actress who is suffering in the age of youth The mountains of the broken.

We are talking about Actress Shantipriya. The actress started her film career with Akshay Kumar in the film Saugand. This actress loved actor Siddarth Ray from the beginning of his career and got married in 1999.

Siddarth also worked in a number of films with big stars like Shah Rukh Khan. Both of them had a lot of happiness in the life because they had two children too. Both of these actors were doing good work in films too.

But in the life of peace in 2004, a earthquake struck when her husband Siddartha died from sudden heart attack. At that time, peace was only 35 years and Siddharth was 40 years old. It was a sudden change in her happy life. That changed the life of Shantipriya.

Shantipriya had worked in many Bollywood and Tamil films before that, but after the accident, his condition got worse and he could not bear the shock of the death of his husband. His condition also started getting worse with time.

He stopped working in films and suddenly disappeared. Such storms in the life of peace took their beauty and after that they did not give any role in the films. Today, peace is living the life of anonymity .

The most egotistic thing is that till all he was working in the movies, everyone knew it.But when his bad times came, then a star did not help him.What do you have to say about peace? .