68500 शिक्षक भर्ती से बाहर हुए अभ्यर्थियों ने लखनऊ में किया ऐसा काम कि प...

68500 शिक्षक भर्ती से बाहर हुए अभ्यर्थियों ने लखनऊ में किया ऐसा काम कि प्रशासन भी हट गया पीछे

Candidates in Nishatganj of Nishatganj, Lucknow, in the presence of Assistant Teacher Recruitment in Assistant Teacher Recruitment and out of counseling, performed fiercely. Earlier, the candidates encroached the Directorate of Basic Education at Nishatganj, due to the second Saturday, no official was present in the office. Because of which the candidates got agitated and then they were the Basic Education Minister Anupama Jaiswa Homemade engulfment be stopped by the candidates are protesting on Rodeo police and tried to explain, but the candidate was not ready to accept |

The candidates said that their talks should be done by the minister or the chief minister, his motive was not accepted by the administration and he was taking the Laxman Mela ground in the police vehicle, considering that Sanjay Kumar Gautam of Etta, Ramkumar of Sitapur, Agra Manish of Jitendra and Etawah jumped into the Gomti river after seeing the candidates jumping in the river, the police administration also got stampede in the candidates Got upset

In some cases the candidates were evacuated and admitted to the district hospital. On the other hand, Avniish Mishra, a resident of Jaunpur, had cut veal of his wrist, due to being a heavy police force, the police started taking Manish to the hospital, while Avnish refused to go. After this incident, all the candidates reached the Directorate again and started demanding slogans and slogans of the Directorate and fill their vacancies. Said the government had issued a revised GO on May 21 in which the minimum qualification was 30 to 33% and declared results on 40 to 45% on 13th August, which resulted in 26,444 seats passed by 41556 candidates. Because of the cut off change, he was out of counseling.