शादी के बाद पहली बार पिता के घर गई रणवीर सिंह के साथ एक्ट्रेस दीपिका पाद...

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have arrived in Mumbai after celebrating the grand reception of their parents at the home of Parents in Bangalore. Deepika appeared with her husband Ranvir Singh and mother-in-law at Bengaluru Airport. Ranveer and Deepika were dressed in Baby Pink Color. While Ranvir was wearing kurta-pajama, Deepika was in Anarkali suit. He was wearing golden earrings. Ranveer's father Jagjit Bhavnani and mother Anju Bhavnani also appeared at Bangalore Airport. Ranvir's sister was also together.

Ranvir Singh has once again played the role of a good husband at the airport. While protecting Deepika, they have been indicating that the crowd should be removed. The parents of Deepika organized a reception in Bangkok on November 21 in the joy of the daughter's wedding.

Now the parents of Ranveer will make a reception in Mumbai on November 28, in which all the legendary stars have been inducted. It was known that both of them had married in Lake Como, Italy this month, only the selected relatives were involved in the marriage.

Italy was married to two customs Photos of Konkani and Sindhi rites are still viral on the internet. The royal wedding of Deepavir is being seen as the biggest wedding of the year. Where Ranvir's father was wearing kurta-pajama and half jacket, his mother was wearing a black color suit.

Deepika and Ranvir were not seen from each other at the Bangalore Reception. The PDA took both the attention of the fiance. In the party, they were seen in a royal style, they looked like Made for eact Other.

When Ranveer and Deepika were on stage in the reception, Deepika's sari began to get entangled, after which Ranveer came forward and corrected it. Deepika, who was standing at the stage, gave her a flying kiss to Ranvir.

Ranveer Singh has always been expressive about his own decisions. Even before the marriage, she has candidly expressed her love for Deepika in the interview, award show, chat show.