UP में अब तीन हिस्सों में बटेगा OBC,देखें आरक्षण बँटबारे का नया फॉर्मूला

UP में अब तीन हिस्सों में बटेगा OBC,देखें आरक्षण बँटबारे का नया फॉर्मूला

As soon as the Lok Sabha election is coming closer, the political board is laying down. Uttar Pradesh is very important in the wake of Lok Sabha elections. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had won 71 out of 80 seats. In 2019, if the BJP wants to form a government at the Center again, then it will have to repeat its victory in Uttar Pradesh. Keeping this fact in mind, the Yogi Government is preparing new racial equations in Uttar Pradesh. The Yogi government is thinking of sharing in the current reservation system.

The Social Justice Committee constituted on reservation sharing has submitted its report to the government. It has been suggested in the report that reservation quotas should be divided into sub-categories on the basis of caste. However, the final decision in this case is to take the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Uttar Pradesh Backward Social Justice Committee has recommended in its report to distribute 27 per cent reservation of OBCs on the 7-11-9 formula. The committee has proposed to make it three categories - backward, backward and backward. It has been recommended to give 7 percent reservation for backward classes, 11 percent for backward backward and 9 percent reservation for the most backward class. In this report, 12 castes, 59 castes have been left behind and 79 castes have been classified as Backward Classes in the Backward Classes.

Recommendations by 4-member committee

The Uttar Pradesh Backward Social Justice Committee was constituted on June 10, 2018 by the Yogi Sarkar. A three-member committee was formed under the chairmanship of retired Justice Raghavendra Kumar. A few days ago this committee has submitted its report to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the report has been sent to the Social Welfare Department for testing.

It has been stated in the report of the committee that all SC and ST reservations (22% of total) should be divided into three categories. 7 per cent of the Dalit, 7 percent for the most dalit and 8 percent reservation for Mahadalit has been said. 4 in the dalit class, 32 in the highly dalit class and 46 castes in the Mahadalit class have been recommended.

Please tell, the Yogi Government was thinking of putting 17 extreme backward castes in the category of Scheduled Castes for a long time. In fact, after the SP and the BSP combine, BJP knows that there is a dent in its OBC voter. Therefore, a new board is being laid through reservation. The population of the Scheduled Castes was being talked of in 17 states, which is about 13.63 percent of the population.