गर्भावस्था के समय पिता को नहीं करना चाहिए धूम्रपान नहीं तो नपुंसक पैदा ह...

Today, we will tell you according to a research that how does smoking affect the child's health?

You must have studied many research studies in which pregnant women should not smoke or drink, but they should tell that the father of the child having to be born should be deprived of smoking at this time, otherwise the health of the child born will be badly affected. .

According to the research, if the father consumes much of smoking at the time of pregnancy, the number of sperm count in the boy, ie the boy, will decrease, while the quality decreases, this reduction can be up to 50%.

Due to smoking, the exposure to nicotine in children is reduced by 51 percent, while its mobility decreases by 41 percent.

The child due to this should not keep away from nicotine i.e., otherwise it will have a very bad effect on health, so father should also avoid smoking during pregnancy, otherwise he will be born with Nardagi.