लालू प्रसाद यादव पर टूटा मुसीबतों का आई बहुत बड़ी आफत पार्टी में मचा हंगा...

The big news of this time is coming from Jharkhand. RJD Senior Leader Raghuvansh Prasad has given a statement that has created a sensation. He said that the condition of the RJD supremo is very fragile and the government is preparing to kill him. This allegation of Raghuvansh Prasad has gone astray.

"The government preparing to kill Lalu Prasad": Raghuvansh Prasad, who arrived to meet Lalu Prasad at Rims, said that Lalu Prasad is suffering from many diseases. They need better medicine, but the government is not paying attention to this. Raghuvansh Prasad said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's favored is the CBI's joint director Rakesh Asthana who has deliberately implicated Lalu in the railway scam. Today, the government has become silent when it is accused of taking bribe of three crores. In this government's regime the country and constitution are in danger. Raghuvansh Singh said that RJD's sole aim is to remove Modi and save the country.

Doctors waiting for wounds: Raghuvansh Prasad said that the doctors are waiting for Laloo Prasad to wound his wounds. They are already improving their condition. Dr. Umesh Prasad said that for the next one week, there is a waiting for the filling of their wounds, which emerged behind the tragedy. According to the investigation report on Friday, his blood sugar is 128 and there is little improvement in total blood count and other matters. The doctor said that the moment is being monitored. The infection is still due to the wound. There is no complete information on the exact situation. Only after wound healing can get information about the right position.